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our story

A Journey of Faith and Commitment.

In 2019, Real Christianity Unplugged, started out as a series of studies with the intention to make GOD's Word simple to understand. Covering various topics that were important for preparation for this time motivated the delivery of GOD's Word with clarity and passion. Building on a series of studies that were conducted prior to 2019, the interest grew and questions came that needed answers.

It was impossible to meet everyone individually and as the pandemic became worst it was time to go online. GOD opened a way to share His Word online so that anyone with access could receive a blessing. Our Journey was not an easy one. It was filled with many obstacles, criticism and condemnation but God kept telling us to press on and he has given us the strength, the courage and the resources to keep going and so we give him the praise, the honor and the glory.


Why we're here and what we believe...

ReaCh ( Real Christianity Unplugged ) brings a holistic approach to living for Christ and preparing to meet our coming King Jesus Christ. We present an unbiased understanding of the Word of God delivering, the straight testimony.

With so many voices, it is hard to decipher what is truth and what is not. We use the Bibles' prescribed method of study "line upon line", to give you the Bible truth. Our desire is to teach Men and Women about GOD, though the written and spoken Word.


This is the journey we hope you will take with us...

To Bring GOD's Word home to you, as fast and as simple as possible , so that you can make better choices now and for eternity.

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