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Everyone wants to have an awesome day, but that dosen't always happen. However, an awesome start to your day can help you through it.

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We are living in the time of the end.


December 6, 2021


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The husband and father is the head of the household.


November 22, 2021

Where is Adam - 2 ?

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We are in the great day of atonement, a time when we must be afflicting our souls,


November 20, 2021

Where is Adam - 1 ?

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Where is the Seventh Day Sabbath commandment found?


October 29, 2021

Attack on the Twins Pt.4

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The Health Message is the right arm of the Gospel, but what does that really mean? Are we living it or are we just talking about it. We need to get serious. Now is the time for Action!

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