Can You Heal My Cut

In deed we were created by the supreme being from the dust of the ground, let’s not forget every strand of hair on your head is numbered by the Creator,

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Kurl Gormandy,

September 27, 2021.


World Report

God created us in his own likeness and image; Gen 1:27 “male and female created he them”.

Lets consider this for a moment, I was born of a man and a woman, mom and dad. At birth my parents were happy and overjoyed. I was finally here, I was given a name, they took me home and life as I know it began.  Mom took me to the doctor several times for all my checkups to make sure I had a clean bill of health.

As I grew in age my body went through many stages and changes, no one anticipated how much trouble my first tooth would give. One morning I stopped crying as my first tooth appeared, and I could bite.  As fast I could get my little hands on it, it went into my mouth, tasting everything became my only pastime.  Mom was very gentle and wise, she knew I was learning about my environment.

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Many birthdays went by with good and bad times, I had lots of colds, coughs, fevers, runny nose, sore throat, stomach aches and pains, through these times mom and dad was there with me.  Ultimately no one can make your body heal, no tablet, medication, vaccination or surgical procedure, only God holds and has that power to restore you to good health. The Bible tells us Isa 44:24 “ He formed you in your mothers womb”, every time I was ill my mother prayed. 

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Now that I am grown and started my career

I have seen many diseases first hand and have given much advice on medication, medical procedures, therapies and other healing remedies but all the studies and science research I completed, I couldn’t make a cut heal.

  You may think conventional medication actually heals, but the harsh truth is that God gave us knowledge of the human body to help us in the sinful and sick state we are in but we can’t make a cut heal.  God holds the keys to every cell in our body and its healing properties.  My career took me across many nations to care for illnesses most only read about. Feeling hopeless, with all my science and medicines  I still, can’t make a cut heal.

The Joy of getting Married

 The joy of getting married and having two boys gave a great sense of pride and fulfillment however that came with me treating many more cuts, bruises, stings, allergies, colds, broken limbs, measles, chicken pox and dog bites.  There was never a dull day at my house, as having two boys patching and mending them became very normal, but before dealing with the many illnesses I would pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding because I am fully aware I can’t make a cut heal. In deed we were created by the supreme being from the dust of the ground, let’s not forget every strand of hair on your head is numbered by the Creator, that information my parents don’t have nor any doctor can provide.  Who is the undisputed ultimate healer?  The Creator. The only One that can heal your cuts.  

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Today we are perplexed about the science of healing our bodies many experts put on their lab coats and present the best arguments of the most effective elixirs for your body, that has no guarantees to cure you.

Becoming a doctor was all I wanted to be for as long as I knew myself, but now that I am, this would be tested to the very  limits.  My son was in a terrible car accident coming home from football practice, the parent who was taking him from football practice called and said he was okay but had a bad cut on his leg.  Relieved but still scared I toughed up to treat my son.  It would take 19 stitches to close up the wound. I carefully applied science and medication, but after 9 months the wound didn’t heal.

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As a medical doctor I was tested to the limits, because nothing I did healed the cut. 

Feeling like a failure about to give up, ready to amputate, as the story in the Bible reveals,   1Kings 17:17,  “And it came to pass after these things, that the son of the woman, the mistress of the house, fell sick; and his sickness was so sore, that there was no breath left in him”. 

When I gave way to the still small voice, ask God to heal your son’s leg, with immediate effect, I prayed.  After 3 weeks the surgery was canceled, the cut stop oozing fluid, the swelling went down, the pain became more and more bearable, the tissues dried as the cut began to mend. Finally, it was healing. This took me a long time to say out loud, I can’t heal myself nor your cut.   

Our minds are in an upheaval today as we decide who can heal us from the many diseases in the land. I say this without conjecture, only God have the power to heal our broken body because he created us. Trust the Creator because his name is written on our DNA.

Let’s pray. 


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