Indeed, the signs were coming in the front door, no watchmen on the walls to give the trumpet a distinct sound or to give the loud cry, so we slept.

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Kurl Gormandy,

August 16, 2021.


World Report


Many of us may not realise that nothing happens by chance, I say this without fear or hesitation. The world may think that this pandemic came about in recent times, but this can’t be true. Let us not be incredulous to think that this pandemic came about by chance. Let us go back in time, where we had dreams of owning a beautiful home, graduating with a master’s degree, getting married, having children, striving to be the best in our careers, practicing for the sport you love, fellowship with the brethren at church or just living.

In 1798 the deadly wound was placed. In setting the stage from there, you may think, because I wasn’t born yet, I don't understand. How am I in the middle of all of this? A great significance to where we are in the stream of time. Ellen G. White wrote many books giving us a true picture of what is to come.

But as the Bible says in Rev 1: 11 & 3:16, “The last of the seven churches”, we became lukewarm and very indifferent.

We preached smooth things, we didn’t stick to the health message, our clothing became short and tight, our hair and nails took on a modern and fashionable look. Indeed, the signs were coming in the front door, no watchmen on the walls to give the trumpet a distinct sound or to give the loud cry, so we slept.


Eating and drinking is our favourite pass time, so they made sure we did just that, our foods became genetically modified, grains, wheat, rice, corn, and meat, let’s not forget the plants, they became grafted shorter and faster in growth, we became consumers of food and drinks. The plan could not have gone better.

If we look back, we ate all the fast foods we could get, the ads were quite appealing. The billboards were massive in size, who could resist, the pizza, Mc Donald’s, KFC, Royal Castle, Subway, Olive Garden, Red lobster, Papa John’s, Applebee’s, Long John silver, and many, many more.

We copied the All-American way to eat and drink, no thought on the underlying movement taking place.


The plan was quite clear, weaken our immune systems with lifestyle diseases, and it was okay. We are sick with Diabetes, kidney failure, heart trouble, hypertension, cancer, and lung disorders, still we eat the billboard foods. The wheel of time is turning but we are still a sleep. To accelerate the death rate plastic was introduced. Many may remember the foods we ate, which was suddenly made of plastic, Rice, pasta, eggs, vegetables, meat, and drinks. Our Immune system was being depleted setting the stage for corona.

Never did this pandemic come out of thin air, nor it just walked across international waters to a store near you.

It came with a well-planned purpose centuries ago. Sad but true, the alarm not heard, we were so busy, running to and fro, watching the latest movies, fascinated with social media, taking selfie’s, playing every game on your smart devices, dressing in the latest fashion, or just simply working hard to pay the bills. We gave no real time to the creator above, now “Jesus” is to take us as we are.

Now the coronavirus is here, and she has many variants, to be able to live, work, travel, shop or eat you must be vaccinated to be part of your community today. Jesus gave us his words in the Bible, 2 Th 2:3” Let no man deceive you by any means”.

The word La-od-I-ce-a means people - decisions.

This is the last church in the Bible, God’s Word cannot change nor lie, lukewarm and indifferent is our state today. Why are we confused about what to do in this pandemic, when we have God’s Word as a nail in a sure place? Take heed my brothers and sisters that no man steals your crown, keep praying with a song, look up, because your redemption draws nigh.


Coronavirus is now here, bringing with her all her variants, taking all your hopes, dreams, goals, ambitions, and worldly cares. Wanting the things of this world seems far beyond our reach now but for a few it's no longer important. She came in many doors uninvited.

Never did she ask can I stay here, or do I want her on the shelves at my local store?


She came well packaged with her own language, PPE, Mask, Social Distancing, Wash your Hands, Protocols, Mandates, Comorbidities, Spike Protein, Hand Sanitizer and Herd immunity. Forcefully she thought us her language.

There is a well-known saying, “it isn’t over till the fat lady sings”, not sure if you heard but Ellen G White is giving her best rendition now, opening at,” The Great Controversy”. As she starts singing, her words pierce through and through, with truth that can’t be refuted.

She points you directly to the Bible, and at the end. Making the right decision will be your next move. My people God loves you, He gave his life for you, He wants to save you, He has a plan for you, take Him at his word, trust Him, pray to Him, live for Him, surrender all to Him, as no one else can finish the job that He has started.

Live for Him today.


La-od-I-ce-a - From Strong’s Concordance written from the bible KJV. ref:sc g1218-g1166

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