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Allow the Lord to workout the How, When and Where He will place you, don’t take this task upon yourself as we leave the cities, only He knows the way so rely on him to chart your way.

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Kurl Gormandy,

June 23, 2022.


World Report

The time is here, when many have said, “Since Adam was a little boy Jesus is coming”. I never thought this would take place in my lifetime.

The journey towards the final crisis has started - The Sunday Law and ultimately the Mark of the Beast. Daniel, Revelation and E.G.White have all said it, flee from the major cities into the country where you can cultivate your own food. Make your natural herbal care, do not rely on the Government and big pharmaceutical companies for your health care needs or the Government for your food. We have become primarily, consumers, not paying attention to our food supply, taking for granted, that food would always be available at our favourite supermarket. The issue of buying and selling is a serious one and will become extremely difficult and virtually impossible.


I started this journey three years ago

I can tell you now, without prayer and fasting I wouldn’t have made it. The land was fully forested at the time of purchase and could only be accessed on foot. Being fearful of the crawlers in the forest, only God could have given me the strength and courage not to run away. Just thinking about where to put my foot was hard on my heart. Armed with some ammonia on my boots and a constant prayer in my heart, off I went to the land, deep in the forest, to give country living my best effort. Without having the full vision of God's words, I obeyed. Remember God wants our obedience even when we don’t know where He is taking us.

Already God was working on me because I had never prayed so much in my life. If only we would trust Him, He wants our full surrender in order to complete His work in us. He Said in Rev 3:18 “Buy of Me Gold tried in the fire”. He paid the ultimate price, His body and His blood, so I urge you to trust Him, He is the only one who knows. He said Babylon is fallen meaning it is already fallen, and as the time rolls on we will see every earthly support cut off.

1 Sam 15:22 says, “To obey is better than sacrifice”.

God wants an obedient people, His church, to stand on the walls of Zion and blow the trumpet proclaiming Christ Second Coming, not a rebellious and stubborn people. The work on the land seems tumultuous and many times I felt I was loosing my mind to take on such a task as this, but had it not been for God I would have given up a long time ago. Have you ever completed a task that was hard but somehow, at the same time, it was easy, well this is the best way I could describe it.

This is a task that you can’t rush or be impatient over, for God is working on your character. Working the land requires much prayer and fasting, all your sinful thoughts and practices have to be fully erased, emptying your vessels so God can fill it. This simply means your desires, dreams and hopes are now surrendered to God so he can write his words on your heart permanently, preparing you to meet Him, a Holy God.

This is now clear to me “as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end,"

Adam and Eve were placed in the garden to commune with God daily. As we approach Christ’s Second Coming we will be placed in the same settings. He didn’t place them in a big house or a hotel, He gave them a special home in a beautiful garden, so where do you think we will have to flee? He is the same God of Yesterday, today and tomorrow, the bible is filled with instructions, prayers and promises for all of us, if you don’t adhere you will forebear.


More and more the various tasks became apart of me, the joy of tilling the soil was hard work but fulfilment came when the plants gave me sweet fruit to eat and share. In the short time I planted Coconut, Mango, Plum, Guava, Dungs, Sugar Apple, Plantain, Bananas, Citrus, Dragon Fruit, Cashew, Sapodilla, Soursop, Pawpaw and Cherries just to name a few. In order to get the plants on the land, a long line was formed throwing the plants from one person to the other up hill and down hill until the plants reached on the spot. The tasks were never-ending, moulding, and shaping the trees, keeping the land well manicured. God is doing the same work on your character, He never stops shaping and moulding you as this task is ongoing. We will mess up, but hold on to him as Jacob did, fight to the very end, your salvation depends on it. Allow Him to plant you today.

Allow the Lord to workout the How, When and Where He will place you, don’t take this task upon yourself as we leave the cities, only He knows the way so rely on him to chart your way. The country is fantastic, the air is so clean and clear, the earth is so rich and abundant, full of life. Water that runs freely through the land and you can feel Gods presence all around. The animals and insects are in an array of colours, they have never deviated from the plan God set before them, this pattern we should adopt, instinctively they follow Gods plan. God gave us His creation with His rest, the perfect plan and we gave it away. He bought it back for us with His Body and Blood so don’t turn away, stay on the path He originally set for you today.


Many have forgotten or have never experienced the sweet taste of a fruit that you can pick from a tree or the best drink of water from a spring or well, this is one of the reasons why this must be our experience today.

We are to “flee from the cities and villages and make small communities in the country, dwelling in the most desolate and solitary places” E.G.White words taken from the Great Controversy 626.1. In order to confirm this point, let me give it a second witness. The Bible says in Rev, 18:4 “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues”.

As you journey to the country you will have to build your own tiny home for your family, some use the materials that the land offers such as Bamboo, Hard Woods or Clay. Some have used Steel, or even made their own blocks. This is another step in your country living process as God reshapes, retools, and repurposes you to learn all you need to know in order to give you what you lost before sin came in the world. The Bible says, “Buy of Him gold tried in the fire," you can trust His guidance, never doubt as He paid the ultimate price for you.

Now that this message is made clear I pray that your journey starts and you listen to the still small voice that guides you to your Country Living experience.

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