Flight Seven

Chaos is in the land as we run too and fro, we accept the advice of many experts in the land on the only way forward throughout this pandemic. As the leaders come together at global conferences the hidden agendas become clearer.

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Kurl Gormandy,

January 9, 2022.


World Report

Flight Seven

We are living in a grand and awful time, there is no doubt in my mind, a deep dark power is working behind the scenes, instilling fear, on a worldwide stage. Let’s rewind slowly to understand how we got to this point of Chaos, Calamities, Pestilence, and Climate Change.

Liberty of Conscience and The Church.

How can they label E.G. White a heretic when all her words are coming to pass just as the Bible prophecies. Her words cause a chill in my bones, are we the children of dry bones? Do we no longer feel or have a conscience to hear when the Holy Spirit speaks? The Word of God is clear in Ezekiel 37:4 - Again he said unto me, Prophesy upon these bones, and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the Word of the LORD.


Chaos is in the land as we run too and fro, we accept the advice of many experts in the land on the only way forward throughout this pandemic.

As the leaders come together at global conferences the hidden agendas become clearer. The source of their power shows its ugly head and they give us blatant clues like a movie. The Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy gives us the future but we still doubt leaving us in a chaotic state today.

Calamities on every side, the seas and the waves roaring, many hearts failing them for fear without answers. This has become the new normal as the world comes face to face with great loss of loved ones, jobs, homes and livelihoods. Most economies are crumbling under pressure and drying up. The very entity that secured a country economically is no longer sustainable, leaving many nations begging for help to fund many major projects that got shelved. Man has turned to man for help, not seeking God as the only source that provides for us. The nations leaders have the choice not to follow the multitude to do evil, but to stand for Gods truth no matter what - calamity.

The Pestilence is every where, there is no part of God’s Green earth you can go and not hear or understand the words Covid 19. The pandemic started in China and has spread throughout the whole world, taking millions of lives. As she comes in the door she has left a trail of devastation, death and real fear. It has become even clearer, that she didn’t come alone, she brought her children with her making sure that men’s heart are failing them for fear.

She is best known for the sting that man can’t get accustom to, death. God has the answer but man didn’t consult Him first, so in order to fight this pandemic man turns to a manmade potion, being made by the big pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinopharm and Jansen. This potion comes with mandates, new laws and bombardment, forcing you to accept this potion as the only solution to the pestilence, making sure that their mandates are enforced or no buy, no sell.


Climate Change are two words that have made it in on every lip globally.

The earth is facing sever weather patterns that have never being seen before, storms of every type, raging fires, earthquakes, hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, drought, volcanoes, freezing temperatures, dust storms and scorching temperatures . How much more can the earth take of these outrageous weather patterns? God created the earth and only God can restore it. My people don’t be fooled, look at nature in all its splendor man has no part to play in its creation, restoration, changing or modifying what God created. Your worship is to God alone not the things He created not Sister Moon, Brother Sun nor Mother Earth.

Liberty of conscience is slowly being striped away as man remove the Creator of the Heaven and Earth the most High God from our hearts. In the most bullying manner your very thoughts must be surrendered to the leaders of this land, as they tell you who, when, where and what to worship. The worse part of this is, many have given up their conscience to man, they bought the fight “ hook line and sinker” they are willing to advertise and argue the matter better that the leaders, as deceit settles in as truth, liberty of conscience will be history, a distance memory as your conscience is wiped away.

The Church.

Many people are losing their mind as the severe lockdowns has left them without hope. All these things were foretold in E G White writings but they have labeled her a heretic in 2020, only a few gave her writings any weight. Our attention is turned to the Government for all the answers, the information is so distracting that discerning truth from error as E.G White indicated in her writings, is extremely difficult. Her writings are being refuted by the like minded people. God gave us the answers in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy but because of doubt and unbelief we are labeled conspiracy terrorist, shutting us down has become their only aim.

The sad truth is, many are dying as this pandemic wreaks havoc in the land.

“My people perished for a lack of knowledge”the Bible says.

The Church is split, leaving a clear division among the brethren. Deception has walked into the church and sat down, fellowshipping with the brethren and giving a resounding Amen. Did we miss God’s eye-salve? In Rev 3:18 don’t forget we are to “buy of Him gold tried in the fire” otherwise we will be stumbling around in the darkness. My people if you missed it, the second death is real, God has given you an escape route out of hell’s fire, the voices echoed the solemn word “Ichabod” in the days of Jerusalem’s destruction. “God has departed”. Don’t allow this to be your faith today. This is a clarion call, try Him, buy of Him, trust Him, take Him, obey Him, study Him, pray to Him and leave with Him.


Your Flight

Screaming at the top of my lungs wouldn’t help you, this job is for the Holy Spirit to convict your heart, this is an emergency, an urgent message, give him your full surrender today don’t delay the time is ticking away. Press for the upward way, get on board, your flight is taxi-ing down the runway. The Holy Spirit has advertised his last flight back, His journey has been a long one and his departure is imminent. He makes the call to come aboard, flight Seven is leaving now, there will be no delays, no stops or no change in departure time and no luggage needed. The passenger manifest is sealed, your ticket awaits you, there is only one place you can collect your ticket and flight instructions, it’s on your knees. Ask God for conviction, confess all sins, ask for victory over sin. Many may think they can buy their ticket, I tell you no fiat or digital currency can be used, no Church record will help in securing your seat on board that aircraft, no official person can put in a good word for you. The departure time is now, The Heavens await you.


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