The Mystery of Mysteries

God would create through His begotten Son. Both animate and inanimate, sentient and non-sentient. His universe would operate on the fundamental principle of love.

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Jevon Caesar,

October 14, 2020.


World Report

Eternity Past

In eternity past before anything was created there was God. God would create through His begotten Son. Both animate and inanimate, sentient and non-sentient. His universe would operate on the fundamental principle of love. Love gives.

Therefore everything in the universe would give that some other would benefit. From the subatomic to galaxies. We see this principle active (although marred by sin) throughout nature. The Water cycle, the Carbon cycle and the Nitrogen cycle are some examples in the inanimate world of giving to perpetuate.

And to make all men see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the world hath been hid in God, who created all things by Jesus Christ. - Ephesians 3:9

The Cycle of Life

When we look at a habitat in nature we see everything is balanced to have life continue. Even we humans live symbiotic with plants and trees. They give us oxygen and we give them carbon dioxide. This is the cycle of life.

With the principle of love as the foundation of all nature, a problem would arise with sentient beings. For the principle of love to exist in their nature, they must exist as free moral agents. That is, they must have the ability to choose. That meant they could choose to be in harmony with their Creator or they could choose to be out of harmony with Him.

Choosing to be out of harmony with God would open the universe to sin and this principle of sin is diametrically opposed to the principle of love. While love perpetuates and grows and fosters life, sin stagnates and degrades and fosters death.

GOD Knows - Yes he does!

God in His infinite knowledge, having the result of every combination and permutation of sentient choices, knew which sentient beings would choose to be out of harmony with Him. One class were the angels and the other class was humanity. Based on their role and function and positions in God's universe, one class, the angels, being in God's immediate presence could not be saved but would be eventually destroyed.

This is because they would rebel in the revelation of God perfect love and thus there would be nothing greater God could show them to convince them of their error.

Their choice to rebel would be innate and thus final. However the other class, humanity, would not initially have access to that level of revelation as the angels did. Their choice to rebel would not arise from within themselves but they would be deceived into rebellion. Thus sinning in this state of ignorance would mean that some of humanity if given a pure revelation of God's love, could be redeemed.

We are responsible for our actions

All these facts were known to God before anything existed. Let's us note also that God's foreknowledge of these events did not make Him responsible for His sentient beings choices. Each being is responsible for their own choices! So what could God do? He created a solution knowing the problem would arise. He created a plan that would draw all creation back to Him and reinforce the love they have for Him in obedience. Thus placing the universe in a more secure state. With this knowledge God formulated the plan of redemption! It was known only to God until the time came for its progressive then ultimate revelation by the Son of God.

Thus, there it remained, in the Divine mind, but to all else - a mystery!

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