Tick Tock

Some may say that this is a great proactive movement to combat the many issues that the world faces at this time.

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Kurl Gormandy,

November 30, 2021.


World Report

Tick Tock.

The buildup to the world’s latest gathering of world leaders has now past. It was talked about and advertised for months all around the world, the call for all the world heads and leaders went out for the purpose of combating the issues that are problematic in our world presently.

World leaders heading to The Conference of Parties 26, COP 26, bringing Kings, Queens, Lords, Lady, Prime Ministers, President, Business Men, Scientist, Philanthropist, Ambassadors, Chancellors and the Cardinals of the Papacy from the four corners of the Globe to one location, Glasgow Scotland, to give their best soliloquy on the matter of Climate Change.

After listening to many leaders speak there are common words being used frequently, Build back better, Climate Change, Carbon Emission, Finance and Global Pandemic. The hour glass has turned, the race now is against the clock.

Proactive Movement ?

Some may say that this is a great proactive movement to combat the many issues that the world faces at this time. Please don’t be fooled this is the prophecies of the Bible being fulfilled, Ellen G White made it clear, when we see all the world leaders come together now to give there best advice on earthly matters without God, disaster is not far ahead. The stage is set, the plan is being financed, all who have ears to hear, please hear, this is not a movie, the stakes are high, your soul Salvation is their agenda.

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It is clear our planet is under extremely pressure due to immense Drought, Heat, Storms, Flooding, Hail Storms , Earthquakes, Volcano, Cyclones, Tornadoes and Freezing Temperatures. The call is urgent to find the answers to the perilous Calamities we are faced with on this Earth, the place we call home.

The only answer must be given now is found in Gen1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void”,

Let’s not forget that we have a Creator that called this earth into being and today it’s still in existence. The sun rules the day, the moon and stars rules the night, trees bearing fruits and seeds and the rain feeds the rivers giving precious life to the streams and seas, because without water there is no life. My question to you is, are we consulting God to save his creation? We have turned to man and science to provide the answers. Hear me when I say this is not wise, as man can’t create, or make anything natural, nor have they a full understanding of all the components that went into creating this planet. The Bible says it best in 1 Cor.13:9 “For we know in part, and we prophesy in part”.

God is our Creator.

I want to be categorically clear, there is no big bang theory, no evolution, and men did not evolve from monkeys. Gen: 2:7 says “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul”. I’m not sure if you ever read it but in Gen 1:2 it says “And the earth was without form and void”.


Today man has sought to changed times and laws to suite their own affairs and agendas. Well, the type has indeed met the antitype. Our own SDA movement is twisted with corrupt practices and ecumenical beliefs when it is pronounced to “come out of her my people, do not be partakers of her sins”. Prophetic time is no longer measured in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds but rather in current events, do you know the time?, it is a “quarter past late”.

Time is not on hold

Tick Tock, time is moving fast our leaders are telling us we must adhere to new global policies now, they sum-up their advice on the world stage using words that best describe the current matter at hand, Climate Change, Carbon Emission and Finance with key words like, “One world, One sun, One grid”.

Man’s solution to this mayhem is to use your conscience as a moral guide to bring about Sunday Rest by Law, and yet we don’t see the time going, Tick Tock, are we still asleep? Wake up my people! Many signs have already pass us by, the Way Marks was given so you wouldn’t get lost. Always carry your GPS, The Bible, so you can differentiate between the Broad smooth path from the Narrow Steep way.


Matt 7:13 “Broad is the way that leads to destruction”, choose your path with wisdom, I say this to the Church , Wake Up.




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